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Master Luo’s Osmanthus Scented West Lake Long Jing 2019


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Osmanthus is one of most celebrated flowers of Asia. Highly scented, it is often used to naturally flavour sweets, pastries, teas and wines. It is famous for flowering in autumn when its heady, apricot-like aroma can be enjoyed across Asia.

When Master Luo first told us about this tea we wondered if the flowers would overpower the delicate nature tea, but we were surprised at how seamlessly the two flavours mixed together. The long, nutty sweetness of the tea is still present but is combined with the distinctive stone fruit flavour of osmanthus to create an autumnal scented tea of uncommon elegance.

This tea is a great example of Master Luo’s skill as both a tea-maker and blender, and due to it’s popularity he has made us four kilos this year.

Master Luo’s Tea Farm, Meijiawu Village, Hangzhou, China

5 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, 150-200 year old trees. Pan-fired (~40 min). Tea harvested April 2019, Osmanthus harvested October 2019.

90°C, 3-4g per cup. 4 infusions.

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