Original Lapsang




This handmade pine-smoked black tea is processed using the original method and plants of the very first Lapsang Souchong and made in Gua Dun, the Wuyi village where Lapsang was first made. Many of the seed grown tea plants that produce this tea in the UNESCO protected area of Tong Mu are over 200 years old. This tea is smoked in a traditional wood constructed floor house with fresh pine tree wood and made by Master Xu’s colleague Mr. Xiang who lives in the UNESCO protected mountain area. The total quantity of the spring picking is less than 50 kilos.

This is a rich and complex Lapsang with a relatively light smoking compared to its Western counterparts, which allows the natural raisin and longan fruit sweetness of the tea to shine through. Its warmth and depth, as well as its subtle smokiness, is suggestive of some of the finest Scotch whiskies.

Mr Xiang’s Tea Farm, Gua Dun, Tong Mu, Wuyishan, China

5 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Xiao Zhong cultivar. Light Smoking over pine wood. Harvested Spring 2019.

100°C, 4g per cup. 4 infusions.

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