Kaikado Tea Caddies

Tahahiro-YagiKaikado of Kyoto are the oldest makers of handmade tin tea caddies in the world. The first generation began producing their innovative Chazutsu caddies in 1875 using sheets of tin specially imported from Cornwall.

Their iconic cylinder caddies quickly became the style of caddy everyone copied but their quality was never equalled. Their ancestor’s caddies are still used by families across Japan including the Japanese Imperial household.

Each caddy has two layers: an inner layer of tin, and an outer layer of tin, brass, copper or silver. The double wall of metal is perfect for storage, keeping the tins completely airtight and the contents dry. With daily use the outer metal layer soon develops a unique patina.

Kaikado and Postcard Teas have collaborated for several years and recently launched Postcard Teas caddies in the UK and Japan. For the past two years, the sixth generation of Kaikado, Takahiro Yagi, has visited our central London store to meet customers, engrave their tea scoops, and demonstrate how Kaikado’s tea caddies are meticulously hand made.

We offer a wider selection of Kaikado Caddies at our Mayfair store.

All caddies below can be ordered online. However as we offer so many varieties of Kaikado’s caddies, we sometimes sell out of a particular size. If you need confirmation that we have a particular caddy in stock please call us on 020 7629 3654 or email us at info@postcardteas.com . Otherwise when you buy a caddy it may take up to four months to have your caddy hand made in Kyoto and then shipped to you.

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