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Uji Matcha


A stoneground matcha green tea, traditionally whisked and served in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Made in Wazuka in Uji by the Azuma Family on a two acre mountain plot reserved for farming without pesticides or artificial fertilisers, this is one of the few single farm matchas we know of grown in this way.

Earthy and nutty, with a lovely smoothness and almost no bitterness, this makes a great contrast in style to our usual matcha from the Ishikawa Family. Excellent as usucha (thin tea), it is also possible to make a koicha (thick tea) like drink with it with the texture of melted chocolate and the taste of creamed spinach. To make, whisk a small scoopful of tea with water that has been cooled to 80-85°C. Matcha is also wonderful sprinkled on yoghurt or ice-cream, or used in baking.

We order this tea in small quantities and have it ground for us within two weeks of arrival at the shop, ensuring it is as fresh as possible. However it should still be consumed relatively quickly as matcha’s nature means its aroma and taste deteriorates quicker than other teas. We also recommend storing matcha in the fridge, as long as it is sealed and away from strong aromas.

Azuma Family, Wazuka, Uji, Japan

2 acres (out of 10 acres)

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Okumidori cultivar. Harvested May 2019. Shading before harvesting then stoneground from tencha. Stoneground for us within two weeks of arriving at the shop.

To make usucha: 80-85°C, 1.5-2g per 75ml cup (approx one flat tea-spoon or two chashaku scoops). Sieve and carefully whisk in a tea bowl until it becomes a fine creamy foam.

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