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Chasen handmade by Tango Tanimura


A handmade Chasen for whisking matcha tea made in the village of Takayama in Nara by Tango Tanimura, the 20th generation of the most famous Chasen making family in Japan. His family have been making chasen for over 500 years and his chasen are used by the grand masters of 2 of the 3 famous family tea schools in Japan, Ura Senke and Mushanokoji Senke.

Each chasenĀ is made from a single piece of white bamboo harvested in the Kansai region and seasoned for three years, meticulously hand-crafted and then split into 144 piecesĀ to make a whisk with 72 prongs. This particular whisk is made in the Kazuho style, the most common style of chasen, and its thin prongs make it particularly good for making foamy usucha. As functional as they are beautiful, these whisks are a pleasure to make matcha with and are durable enough for every day use.

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