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A new type of powdered tea, stoneground and roasted in-house using our stonerolled process.

Stonerolled Roasted Black is made from a blend of black teas from farms in China, India and Australia, grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides. We then roast the tea at our warehouse in Camden and grind it at a slow speed using traditional granite slabs until it is a fine powder.

This tea has been developed specifically to be made with milk (either dairy or plant-based) which accentuates its best qualities, and can be simply made mixed with cold milk, whisked with warm milk, or made as a shot with textured milk like a latte.  In cold milk the tea tastes uncannily like chocolate milkshake with a lot of natural sweetness from the roasting, and a comforting malt-drink flavour that is brought even more in warm milk.

Nicholas Family, Cubbagudta Plantation, North Queensland, Australia
Mou Family, Laoshan, Shandong Province, China
Sahyadri Co-Op, Peermade, Kerala, India

SIZE OF FARMS (average)
31 acres

Blend of Camellia Sinensis Sinensis and Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Harvested May 2020. Roasted and stoneground soon before sale.

The following brewing methods are for 1 pint of milk which creates around four servings, but can be scaled up or down:

Cold  – Finely sift 8g of stonerolled tea into a bowl and whisk with 70ml of water that has been cooled to 80°C until dissolved. Pour into a bottle with a cap and add 1 pint (~568ml) of cold dairy or plant-based milk and shake briefly. Drink straight away, or leave in the fridge for up to 24 hours. We recommend putting this through a sieve again when pouring to remove any undissolved particles.

Hot –  Finely sift 8g of stonerolled tea into a bowl and whisk with 70ml of water that has been cooled to 80°C until dissolved. Pour into a bottle with a cap and add 1 pint (~568ml) of cold dairy or plant-based milk and shake briefly. Warm and whisk as much of the milk tea as you want to drink in a pan or machine to a maximum of 65°C. Keep any leftover milk tea refrigerated and use within a day. This tea has more sediment than the other two stonerolled teas and the last sip should not be drunk, like with a Turkish coffee.

Alternatively, once the tea has been dissolved in warm water, hot textured milk can be poured over to create drinks of a similar strength to a piccolo, flat white or latte.

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Stonerolled tea is our original stoneground and roasted tea range created specifically for use with milk. Milk is an interesting medium to bring the joys of tea to more people as it is the way many people around the world prefer to drink their tea, whether it is English Breakfast style teas with milk, Indian Chai or the churned teas of Mongolia and Tibet. When we started the stonerolled project, we wanted our milk teas to have a full tea flavour and aroma so we concentrated our research on grinding. We soon found out why matcha is the only widely available tea made this way as so many of the teas we made were pretty much undrinkable and would not work well with milk. After two years of trial and error and experiments with tea roasters, we found that roasting certain teas brings out a natural sweetness and now we have roasted green, oolong and black stonerolled teas.

We grind the teas between two hand-carved granite slabs at 33rpm, much slower than most matcha, to preserve aroma and nutrients which would be lost at higher speeds due to increased heat and friction. The roasted black tea was a happy invention which came out of the development of stonerolled tea, and can be enjoyed in loose leaf versions as London Roast and Black Sun. Although the three teas have different roasting profiles, all of them are roasted between the low temperature roasting of Chinese oolongs and the high temperature roasting of Japanese greens.

Stonerolled tea initially came about after thinking about tea service in the cafe industry so we’re happy to say you can try them already in a 4oz/6oz/8oz milk format at Prufrock Coffee in London. To read more about our collaboration with them and how these teas can work in a cafe, you can read more on Prufrock’s blog here.

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