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2020 Yimu Hand (Spring)


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A special batch of Yimu Oolong made from Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons) cultivar leaves grown in Ming Jian, a well known tea town in Nantou County. It comes from Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh’s tiny one acre estate, giving the tea its name (Yi Mu roughly means ‘one acre’ in Mandarin).

This batch was handmade almost from start to finish, from the picking to the rolling, with the exception of the Lang Qing 浪菁 stage when the leaf is shaken. This was done by hand and then finished by machine. Picking was done over the course of six hours from late-morning to afternoon in April 2019 with a preference for one bud and three leaves with the stem attached.

The result is a light, crisp oolong that delivers a lovely floral aroma and taste which builds in complexity and strength with each infusion without developing astringency, while the sappy, orchid sweetness of the tea lasts in the mouth and throat after the tea has been drunk. This is one of our favourite batches of tea we have received from the Hsieh family, and shows just how good the Si Ji Chun cultivar can be when processed with a lot of care. We especially recommend this tea to lovers of greener Tieguanyin oolongs, which it shares many characteristics with.

Brew with boiled water that has been cooled to 90-95°C and around 5-6g of leaf per 150ml of water. It can be brewed for many infusions.

Hsieh Family Tea Farm, Ming Jian, Nantou, Taiwan

1 acre

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Si Ji Chun cultivar. Handpicked and handrolled. Harvested Spring 2019.

90-95°C, 5-6g per cup. Wash briefly, 5-6 infusions.

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