Master Xu’s Jin Fo 金佛 2018


A roasted oolong from the inner Zhengyan area of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian made by Master Xu, the maker and one of the guardians of the Da Hong Pao mother trees. This tea is processed from trees of the Jin Fo (Gold Buddha) cultivar, and are grown on Jiu Long Ke (Nine Dragon Nest), the same cliff that houses the Da Hong Pao trees. Jin Fo is a rare historical cultivar that Master Xu has helped to bring back into production and gets its name from the story that the mother tree grew by the river in Wuyi, so the local people bowed down every day to wash their clothes facing the tree.

Master Xu processes the leaves entirely by hand – from the picking and sorting, through to the kill-green stage and rolling. The roasting is done carefully at a low temperature (around 75 degrees Celsius) over hours, and often re-roasted over the course of many months until he is satisfied.

This tea was picked and roasted in 2018 and has been left to settle for a year before being released. It has still has a strong roasted taste as well as a deep minerality, with a vanilla and dark fruit sweetness which will become more intense as the roast settles down. This is an exemplary example of a heavy roasted tea done well.

Master Xu, Jiu Long Ke, Wuyishan, China

2 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Jin Fo cultivar. Medium-high charcoal roasting. Harvested early Summer 2018.

90-95°C, 6g per 150ml. 5+ infusions.

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