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A light, fragrant sencha made by Mr Iwasaki in Ryogochi, an old tea growing region in Shizuoka, Japan.

This was perhaps the most interesting find from our sourcing trip earlier last year in Shizuoka: a tea made entirely from yamacha/zairai-shu, indigenous botanical varietals that grow semi-wild. This tea is made as an aracha solely from these plants in a 100 year old garden. When we tasted this in-situ Mr Iwasaki made it with water just off the boil and it astonished us with its buttery taste and lack of astringency. Even more astonishing was the price, which has allowed us to add this to our Family range of teas that are affordable enough for everyday drinking.

This is a green tea with character that can be brewed with hotter water than many other senchas, retaining both aroma and sweetness without too much astringency. Mild and soft on the palate, it has a nut kernel aroma and aftertaste. Best brewed with 3g of tea per 150ml and around 85-90 degree water.

Mr Iwasaki, Ryogochi, Shizuoka, Japan

5 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Zairai-shu. Harvested Spring 2020.

85-90°C, 3g per 150mls, short infusions.

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