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A robust blend of fine black teas that have been roasted in the UK using our unique London Roast process to create a new kind of black tea. The base material comes from a mixture of our Hijiri Black and Family Tea, as well a strong black tea from the Cubbagudta Plantation in Australia.

The result of the roasting is a rich, aromatic tea with a full body, addictive roasted taste and dark caramel sweetness that works equally well with and without milk. Out of all the blends we have made in the past eleven years, this may be the one we are the most proud of creating.

Brew with around 3-4g of tea per cup and water just off the boil.

Nicholas Family, Cubbagudta Plantation, North Queensland, Australia
Obayashi Family, Aichi, Japan
Sahyadri Co-Op, Peermade, Kerala, India

31 acres (average)

Blend of Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Roasted periodically by Postcard Teas.

95-100°C, 3-4g per cup. 2 infusions. Can be taken with or without milk.

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This blend is a culmination of six months worth of experimenting, tasting and re-roasting that started out in early 2016 by roasting teas in Tim’s home oven. After previewing Black Sun at the RAW Wine Fair in May 2016 where it received an encouraging reaction, we created London Roast as a sister tea that would be strong enough to also take milk.  Although some companies have tried to roast black tea like coffee, we believe this is the first time black tea has been roasted in this fashion and it’s also the first time we’ve sold a tea where we’ve had a hand in the production process.

The key to getting the blend right was the addition of a strong black tea from Daintree who run the Cubbagudta plantation in Australia, which we were already supplying to the coffee company Taylor St Baristas for their Aussie Breakfast. Founded in 1978 by the Nicholas Family, Daintree grow their tea without artificial fertilisers and pesticides and pay all their workers a fair wage (Australian minimum wage, which is the highest in the world). Because of this we decided to make an exception to our 15 acre limit on the farms whose teas we sell at retail.





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