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Korean Black


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A delicious and unusual hand-picked black tea grown in Hwagae Valley made using the tender spring leaves of old semi-wild tea tree stock from Chirisan Mountain. It is grown and processed by Dong Cheon for a co-operative of 88 farmers dedicated to natural farming with no pesticides or artificial fertilisers

Dong Cheon decided to call this tea ‘dancha’ (literally ‘cinnabar’ tea) rather than the usual hongcha in reference to the meditative term ‘dantian’. This is an elegant, well structured black tea with a honeyed sweetness and notes of walnut, raisin and milk chocolate. Although it has similarities to some Chinese black teas it is not so explosive aromatically, instead it has a gentle, calming nature and exceptional balance that lasts through many infusions despite the shifting flavour. We recommend brewing this tea with a high leaf/water ratio and enjoying over short, multiple infusions.

Note: When these leaves are processed as a green tea they make our Sparrow’s Tongue.

88 Small Farmers, Dong Cheon, Hwagae Valley, Korea

0.5 acres (average)

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, semi-wild Hadong cultivars. Sejak grade – Harvested last week of April 2019.

95°C, 4g per 150ml. 4 infusions.

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