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Undercover Gyokuro


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A shaded green tea grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides by Mr Sakamoto in Shibushi, Kagoshima on the southern tip of Kyushu island in Japan. It is shaded before harvesting for twenty days, technically making it a gyokuro, increasing the amino acids and sugars in the plant which would otherwise be converted by photosynthesis. This means that when made at low temperatures much more sweetness and umami is brought out than in a sencha.

This is an versatile green tea that can be made short and intense as a gyokuro but is possibly even better made as a regular sencha. The taste is intensely sweet and slightly herbal, with notes of freshly steamed vegetables and a long citrus aftertaste. Even when made using sencha parameters it is still umami-rich with a thick, oily texture that coats the mouth.

We would recommend brewing this either as a sencha using 65-70°C water and 4g of leaf per 150ml, or as a gyokuro using 50°C water and 6g of tea for just 30ml of water.

Mr Sakamoto, Shibushi, Kagoshima,  Japan

12 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Saemidori cultivar. 20 days shading before harvesting. Light steaming (~30 sec). Harvested May 2018.

65-70°C, 4g per 150ml. 3 infusions OR 50°C, 6g per 30ml. 4 infusions.

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