Yakushima Sencha


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A sencha from Yakushima, an island off the south coast of Kagoshima whose outstanding natural beauty is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mr. Watanabe and two other friends started the tea estate over 15 years ago to make the most of Yakushima’s unusual location and pristine environment – free from mass farming and pesticide use – and have been farming ecologically on their small farm ever since.

This is a lovely everyday sencha with a mild, grassy taste, citrus-fruit acidity and a balanced sweetness with some umami. We recommend brewing this tea with 3-4g per 150ml of water and water cooled to around 75-80°C

Mr Watanabe’s Tea Farm, Yakushima Island, Kagoshima, Japan

12 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Blend of Yabukita, Asatsuyu, Yutakamidori, and Meiryoku cultivars. Mixture of light and medium steaming (~30-45 seconds) Ichibancha, harvested Spring 2020.

75-80°C, 3-4g per cup. 3 infusions.

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Over a decade ago three former school friends decided to start a small natural tea farm on the island they grew up on. They all wanted to maintain their connection with the island they had grown up on but often left to find work. They also wanted to protect the environment so they safeguarded the existing forest on the land and chose to farm tea without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Today one of the three, Mr Watanabe, runs the farm and its small store which serves great green tea ice cream .




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