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Master Obayashi’s Hijiri Hojicha


A dark roasted Japanese tea with a sweet tobacco taste from the Obayashi family who have been producing award-winning teas completely naturally for over 30 years. On their small farm of about 10 acres in Okumikawa, Aichi they have maintained many of their 100 year old Yabukita trees just like the locals in these mountains who often keep a row of old tea bushes or yamacha (‘mountain tea’) as they call them. These simple country teas are either produced by hand or taken after picking to a small factory like the Obayashi’s one which helps make many of the local people’s tea.

Hojicha is one of our absolute favourite styles of Japanese tea and when done well can rival roasted teas from China and Taiwan many times the price. This tea made of a blend of green leaf and twig which is roasted in small batches seasonally by Obayashi-san’s grandson, who has recently started to take on more responsibilities on the farm. This batch arrived in April 2018 and is roasted medium-high with notes of tobacco, caramelised fruit and toast.

Due to the roasting and the high percentage of twig in the blend, this hojicha has less caffeine than many other green teas and would be suitable to drink in the evening or after a meal.

Obayashi Tea Farm, Okumikawa, Aichi, Japan

10 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Blend of seed grown Yabukita cultivar/Yamacha (Zairai shu) leaf and twigs. Medium charcoal roasting. Harvested and roasted 2018.

90°c, 3-4g per cup. 2 infusions.

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