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Lapsang Blend


A smoky blend of two very unusual Lapsang teas from Wuyishan in China and Galle in Sri Lanka.

Because our Original Lapsang is produced in such small quantities (around 50kg a year) of which we can’t get as much as we would like, to keep a Lapsang available we have blended it with another smoked tea from the Handunugoda small farms project in Sri Lanka. While the Original Lapsang is handmade by Mr Xiang in Gua Dun and traditionally pine-smoked, using the original method and plants of the very first Lapsang Souchong, the Sri Lankan tea is very untraditionally smoked with cinnamon wood, imparting a fruity and spicy taste to the tea.

This is a Lapsang for people who love Lapsang, warming from within with a deep smoky aftertaste of tar and peat, but with a complexity that distinguishes it from overly smoked teas.

Mr Xiang’s Tea Farm, Gua Dun, Tong Mu, Wuyishan, China
Handunugoda Small Farms, Galle, Sri Lanka

3-5 acres (average)

Blend of old tree Camellia Sinensis Sinensis and Camellia Sinensis Assamica Smoking over pine and cinnamon wood. Harvested 2019.

100°C, 4g per cup. 2 infusions.

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