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2020 Keemun Green



An early-picked green tea made from young buds and leaves by Mr Feng in Qimen, together with other families who farm naturally without pesticides or artificial fertilisers on plots averaging 2.5 acres.

We already knew that Mr Feng’s co-operative were capable of producing excellent green teas, having stocked their Mao Feng two years ago, but this year we were bowled over by this less heralded style of tea made predominantly from semi-wild trees picked in late-March before Qing Ming.

Unlike Mao Feng the leaf has been shaped in the wok and is made up of wiry green and silverish, downy buds, brewing almost clear with a lovely aroma of grilled vegetables with butter and notes of melon and cucumber. Although delicate in body, the mouthfeel is thick and the aftertaste is sweet with a mild astringency and bite.

Brew with water cooled to around 90°C and 3-4g of tea per cup to make three or four good infusions.

Mr Feng’s Co-Operative, Qimen, Anhui, China

2.5 acres (average)

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Harvested late-March 2020.

90°C, 3-4g per cup. 3 infusions.

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