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French Peppermint


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This French Peppermint comes from Mars, a very small village 500m high in the beautiful mountains of the National Park of Cévennes. Veronica Mas cultivates, picks and dries her peppermint manually without using any artificial fertilisers or pesticides on her tiny half-acre farm which was loaned to her in 2013 by the last farmer in her village.

We’ve tasted a lot of peppermints before finding this one and it’s rare to get a peppermint of this quality. The aroma is fresh and clean, with a slightly savoury mint flavour that fills the mouth.  It is especially excellent taken in the evening or as a digestif after a meal. Best brewed with boiling water using a small leaf/water ratio and infuse for 4-5 minutes.

Veronica Mas, Mars, Cévennes, France

0.4 acres

Mentha x piperita. Harvested, hand picked and dried Summer 2018.

100°C, 1g per 150ml. Many infusions.

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