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Autumn Darjeeling


A full-bodied Autumn Flush Darjeeling made after the monsoon season, produced by a co-operative that grows tea at the abandoned tea farm at Dawai Pani, now better known as Mineral Spring and processed at the factory on Singell Estate. It is made from seed-grown Chinese bushes descended from the cultivars brought over to Darjeeling from Wuyi in the 1800s.

This tea is aromatic and woody with notes of stone fruit and a refreshing astringency. We find this tea fares well brewed lightly, accentuating its soft, sweet and balanced character.

Brew with freshly boiled water and a teaspoon of tea per cup. Best taken without milk.

432 Small Farmers, Mineral Spring Tea Farm, Darjeeling Town, Darjeeling, India

1.5-2 acres (average)

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Chinese descended seed grown cultivars. Blend of batch EX64 and EX66. Harvested Autumn 2018.

95-100°C, 3-4g per cup, with or without milk. 3 infusions.

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