Kaikado Brass 400g Caddy


Dimensions: 108mmx130mm

Kaikado caddies can usually be ordered online. However, this year Kaikado was the subject of a major TV documentary in Japan which lead to a tenfold increase on orders. While they prepared extensively for the expected increase in sales and orders, there is now a wait of up to 7 months for many of their caddies. We do have some stock of caddies but to avoid disappointment, we have taken the step of turning off all the caddies on the website. If you need confirmation that we have a particular caddy in stock please call us on 020 7629 3654 or email us at info@postcardteas.com and we can send you an up to date list of what we have in stock. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

NB. All Kaikado caddies are handmade and as such will have small imperfections such as marks or scratches, especially on the inside (which is left unpolished) and on the join of the lid and body where there is a mark used by the craftsmen to calibrate the caddy. The outer metal, especially the tin, also has a grain which varies from one batch of tin to another. Please be aware that these imperfections are normal and part of the hand production process rather than defects.

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