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The Life of Tea


The Life of Tea: A Journey to the World’s Finest Teas

In The Life of Tea, documentary photographer Michael Freeman and tea expert Timothy d’Offay explore the extraordinary reach of tea, as a botanical and cultural product. ‘From Earth to Cup’ considers terroir, the impact of geography, cultivation and the processing methods which result in different types of tea, from white and green tea to oolong, black and puerh. ‘Tea Mountains and Monasteries’ shows the extent of Michael and Tim’s travels in China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, featuring the producers of some of the world’s finest teas and the characteristics which make these teas so sought after. The final chapter, ‘Tea Towns and Culture’, looks at the impact that tea has had, and continues to have, on culture, whether that is the architecture of spaces in which to enjoy tea or the intricate craftsmanship of teaware.

This exploration of the world’s finest teas, captured in extraordinary photography, brings alive the aroma, taste and texture of this drink in all its many nuances, and will give connoisseurs and casual readers alike a much deeper understanding of how great tea is created.


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