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Our new book Easy Leaf Tea: Tea house recipes to make at home, by Timothy d’Offay

Tea’s journey from an obscure Chinese herb to the world’s favourite beverage is in large part due to its ability to be easily shipped to all corners of the globe and then swiftly transforms into a delicious drink that relaxes and restores. The ritual of making and drinking tea offers us sanctuary from the stresses of our daily lives and a chance to savour the moment.

Because there are many ways of making tea, not to mention the many different types of tea, – greens, blacks, oolongs, whites, and aged teas too – there is an almost infinite number of permutations and personal preferences. What a difference from the mass-produced beverages that come ready made in a can, bottle or paper cup designed to be thrown away after just one use. With tea you are in charge, you choose the tea, any other ingredients and the vessel you will drink from.

In Easy Leaf Tea we start with the very basics with a section on water and tea tools to make brewing easier, sharing both traditional and new methods such as Flow Brew, which involves brewing one tea through another to create an infusion, and Ambient Tea, a way of making tea pair better with food. Recipes on creating Cold Brews, Kitchen Colas and Fresh Fruit Tea Quarters can be found within, as well as how to get the most from matcha and other stoneground teas in making tasty Somersault Teas. So turn on your kettle, tune into tea culture and drop those tasteless tea bags for some of the best leaf tea experiences you can have.


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