Japanese Betty v2


Named by the first customer to buy this teapot who picked it up and exclaimed “This is like a Japanese Brown Betty!”.

In 2017 we visited the Tokoname peninsula near Nagoya and worked with Mr and Mrs Suzuki to produce something that we hoped would be “beautiful, affordable and practical”. To be affordable like the traditional English Brown Betty teapots, it is slipcast and then assembled by hand. To be practical, our Japanese Betty teapot is twice fired so its red clay turns a beautiful dark colour which reduces staining both inside and outside the pot. We also selected a 360 degree sleek metal filter for inside so it catches all the leaves. In experiments we found this teapot works well with all types of tea and brews a better tea than the glass teapots we have taste tested it against. Japanese Betty: a modern classic is born!

Dimensions: 500ml (to the rim), 11cm diameter, 18cm from spout to handle, 8.5cm height

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