Asahiyaki Hohin


A hohin for brewing tea made by Asahiyaki, a 16th generation kiln in Uji near Kyoto.

This hohin made with clay dug from behind Asahiyaki’s kiln has been brought back into production by Asahiyaki for the first time in two generations. Its glaze veers between cream and light brown, with areas of blushing pink and dark speckles throughout that vary depending on the woodfiring. The hohin is well balanced and easy to pour, with a multi-hole filter on the inside than makes it suitable for brewing even more broken sencha. Unglazed on the rim of the body and the lid, these areas will darken with use and the inside will develop a unique crackle which will change over time.

Dimensions: 7.5cm (h) x 9.5cm (d) 13cm (l – until spout)

Volume ~180ml

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