Asahiyaki Tea Mug (Oak Ash)


A wood fired tea mug made by Asahiyaki, a 16th generation kiln in Uji near Kyoto.

This handled mug is made with a oak ash glaze, which colours it off white with a lovely crackled effect that will deepen with use. The turning marks can be seen in concentric circles around the body, and the small handle means it can be used to hold teas brewed with boiling water.

Each cup is slightly different in hue depending on its position in the kiln, so please contact us if you would like further pictures.

Volume ~ 230ml  Dimensions: 9cm (height) x 8cm (diameter)


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The Asahi Pottery is rooted in Japan’s oldest center for tea cultivation, the famed town of Uji.

The pottery has been in continued production over 400 years, through 16 generations of the Matsubayashi family. From the time of the founder, Tosaku, the Asahi workshop has provided tea bowls treasured for preparing whipped tea to nobility, warrior rulers , and tea masters.

Another representative Asahi product is the spouted teapot (kyusu or hobin) for preparing steeped tea. It was introduced to the workshop’s repertory about 150 years ago by the 8th generation master, Chohei.

Today, under the guidance the 16th master, Matsubayashi Hosai, the Asahi workshop continues to focus on utensil for various modes of serving tea, while at the same time creating a wide variety of utensils suited to contemporary life.

The family’s work can be found in leading museums around the world including The Brooklyn Museum and The British Museum.


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