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French Camomile


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A blend of camomile flowers combining the summer harvests of two small producers in central France. Flavie Lenne from Corrèze and Jonathan Ollivier and Inta Klusa in Auvergne both do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides, and pick and process their camomile manually. The camomile is picked when the sun is overhead, increasing the concentration of essential oils in the flower, and then dried away from light at a low temperature. The average yearly production is just 12-15kg.

Round and generous on the palate, with a lovely long sweetness and soft, almost oily mouthfeel, this soothing camomile is ideal taken after a meal or in the evening. Best brewed with slightly cooled water using a small leaf/water ratio and infused for 4-5 minutes.

There is further information on this tisane and its makers on our blog here.

Flavie Lenne, Puy d’Arnac, Corrèze, France
Jonathan Ollivier & Inta Klusa, Saint-Hilaire, Livradois Forez, Auvergne, France

1.7 acres & 0.6 acres

Matricaria recutita. Harvested, hand picked and dried Summer 2019.

85-90°C, 1g per 150ml. Brew for 2-3 minutes, many infusions are possible.

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