Kanaami-Tsuji infuser/strainer (copper with metal handle)


Kanaami-Tsuji of Kyoto continue a tradition of metal wire weaving that goes back over one thousand years. Using copper and stainless steel wire Kenichi Tsuji and his son Toru Tsuji weave some of Japan’s most beautiful kitchen and tea utensils in their original tortoise or chrysanthemum patterns, which has earned Kenichi an award from Kyoto City for his contribution to the promotion of traditional craft.

The strainers are formed by the skilful craft of hand knitting copper wire to make the shape and finished with stainless steel mesh and a copper wire handle. Although these are designed as strainers, they can also be used as an infuser for making tea in a shallow cup or as a sift for matcha tea.

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Although there is high demand for Kanaami-Tsuji’s bespoke and more limited production pieces, the Tsuji family is adamant that their work must be functional as well as beautiful. Toru Tsuji has said “We are not selling culture and tradition but products to use. Even though the skills are traditional, we make our products to suit the lifestyles of people today”


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