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Interview with Master Luo – part 3

Click HERE and HERE to see Master Luo demonstrate West Lake Long Jing firing technique. 2010, the beginning of May. Finally Master Luo’s Long Jing arrived, with the written dates and varietals taped on the packages. We tasted the each one and thought of more questions: Q: Have you finished all the firing work for […]

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Interview with Master Luo – Part 2

Master Luo made two cups of his Long Jing for me to compare. Like most  Chinese, he poured the hot water straight from the thermos into the glass, where he had put one measure of pre-Qingming Long Jing and  one of a later Long Jing. The leaves floating in the water shone with a very […]

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Interviews with Master Luo — Part 1

Master Luo is the youngest winner of the Long Jing Tea Firing King (Chao Cha Wang) competition and also the youngest of the Long Jing Grand Firing Masters appointed by the government to pass on the traditional methods to the next generation. In 2007 he was asked to fire the tea from the famous 18 […]

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Since visiting Mr Ha’s small organic estate in Bosong, South Korea 10 years ago,I have believed natural farming methods often make better tea and certainly improve everyone’s health, as well as the environment. The other day there was an interesting article in The New York Times  about a new strain of superweeds that are resistant to […]

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Hakka Roundhouse

Hakka Roundhouse & Master Wang

I visited a few tea villages together with tea maker Master Wang. A few of the families from these villages supply their Dan Cong tea leaves to Master Wang – “I don’t buy the leaves from many of the families. To me, only the tea which grows above 700 meters is good”, he said. I […]

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