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The laughing tea ladies of Bosong

Since visiting Mr Ha’s small organic estate in Bosong, South Korea 10 years ago,I have believed natural farming methods often make better tea and certainly improve everyone’s health, as well as the environment. The other day there was an interesting article in The New York Times  about a new strain of superweeds that are resistant to the latest herbicides and it made me think of Mr Matsumoto, another tea farmer we work with. He uses no pesticides, herbicides, or fertiliziers, not even manure. Together with his friend, Akinori Kimura the “miracle” apple man who you can read about here , they are trying to change and influence farming in Japan. Through my conversations with Mr Matsumoto which we will become an interview in the future and through reading articles on Mr Kimura, it seems that even weeds have a part to play in their brave new natural world where they work with weeds not against them.

Mr and Mrs Matsumoto, Pioneering Tea Producers