October 5th and 7th – Iremon Event

Our annual craftsmen event will take place in two weeks time on October 5th and 7th. This year’s will be our largest yet with five craftsmen – Takahiro Yagi of Kaikado, Toru Tsuji of Kanaami-Tsuji, Yusuke Matsubayashi of Asahiyaki, Shuji Nakagawa of Nakagawa-Mokkougei and our friend Athico Ilye. The events will be based around the theme of Iremon/Iremono いれもの, a Japanese word meaning ‘vessel’ or ‘container’.

As well as displays of their craft and new work, there will be a special performance incorporating all five craftsmen’s work where Shuji Nakagawa will cleft the wood to make the vessels on which Athico Ilye’s wagashi will be served alongside matcha taken from a Kaikado caddy and sifted through a Kanaami-Tsuji strainer before being whisked in an Asahiyaki tea bowl. The first twenty people on each day will be served this tea and sweet, and there will be a chance to talk to all the craftsmen on both days. As always, this event is free to attend and no need to RSVP.

For those unable to make it in person, Takahiro Yagi will be engraving personalised scoops on both days for Kaikado customers. If you are interesting in purchasing a Kaikado caddy before the event please let us know and Taka will gift an engraved scoop to go with it.

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