2020 Yakushima Shincha


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A 2020 Spring Shincha from Yakushima, an island off the south coast of Kagoshima whose outstanding natural beauty is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mr. Watanabe and two other friends started the tea estate over 15 years ago to make the most of Yakushima’s unusual location and pristine environment – free from mass farming and pesticide use – and have been farming ecologically on their small farm ever since.

This is a lovely clean shincha with a mild, grassy vegetal taste, a light lime acidity and a balanced sweetness with some umami. We recommend brewing this tea with 3-4g per 150ml of water and water cooled to around 75-80°C

Mr Watanabe’s Tea Farm, Yakushima Island, Kagoshima, Japan

12 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis. Blend of Yabukita, Asatsuyu, Yutakamidori, and Meiryoku cultivars. Mixture of light and medium steaming (~30-45 seconds) Ichibancha, harvested Spring 2019.

75-80°C, 3-4g per cup. 3 infusions.

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