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Five Teas from Wuyi Box Set


Spread over just 70 square kilometres of land, the 36 peaks, and 99 cliffs of the Zhengyan 正岩 (true cliff) area of Wuyi are one of the most interesting examples of terroir in the tea world. Although many teas can be designated 'Wuyi yancha' (the government officially defines the area for Wuyi tea production as over 2500 square kilometres), only the teas grown here and in the outer Banyan 岩  (half cliff) region are considered to have the true yanyun 岩韵 (rock rhyme) taste that is a signature for all great Wuyi oolongs. The unique characteristics of Wuyi oolongs are primarily down to the high mineral content (particularly of potassium and manganese) of the volcanic soil, as well as the high humidity and numerous peaks which cause many of the tea growing areas to be shrouded in mist and shade, leading to slow, concentrated growth. 

This winter we have received five teas from Master Xu – four oolongs and one black – which demonstrate the variety of amazing teas this special area has to offer. We have two teas made from the Rou Gui cultivar from different cliffs within the park, an Shui Xian oolong made from the production of just four 100 year old trees, a rare Jin Fo oolong from trees on Jiu Long Ke where the Da Hong Pao mother trees grow, as well as a black tea made with the bushes and methods of the original Lapsang teas  There are plenty of side by side comparisons that can be made from the five teas demonstrating the effect of cultivar, difference in terroir, as well as the age of trees and the effect of resting with teas from different years.

For lovers of yancha we hope that this boxset proves an interesting educational experience.

Each boxset includes 20g of the following teas:

1. Rou Gui (Tian Xin Yan) 2018

2. Rou Gui (Shui Lian Dong) 2019

3. Jin Fo (Jiu Long Ke) 2018

4. Shui Xian (Shui Lian Dong) 2019

5. Original Lapsang (Gua Dun) 2019


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