Teapot (Hai Kohiki 2)


A handmade, glazed pottery teapot handmade by Noritada Kimura, a great Kyoto potter.

As a Kyoto potter Noritada has a freedom to make pots in many different styles, and this is his take on kohiki using dark clay and a ash (hai) glaze. The colour is off white, with a complex surface of crackle, inclusions and pooling, with lines that run down the body of the pot splitting it into twelve segments. The form of this pot is particularly stunning: long and spectral, with an unglazed base that curves upwards.

As functional as they are beautiful, these are some of the best teapots we have come across in 25 years of working in Japan.

Dimensions:  17cm height x 8.5cm diameter. 18cm spout to handle  Volume: ~450mls

(N.B. If you are interested in cups in the same glaze then please check with us for availability)


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