Seiji Ito Tea Scoop


A handmade teascoop made by master craftsman Seiji Ito in Tokoname in Aichi, one of the most important centres of pottery and teaware in Japan. Mr Ito has been making teapots for over 30 years and has created innovative new styles and shapes using his own blends of clay that reference Tokoname’s past but also point towards a bright future for the area. Recently he has had several successful exhibitions of his teapots and teaware in Taiwan and China, where many of the shapes for Tokoname teaware originate.

The scoop is made out of Tokoname clay that has been silvered on the inside giving it a smooth finish, while on the outside it has a criss-cross pattern scratched onto the clay giving it a rough texture as contrast. This scoop will work well for most teas but is a good shape and size for most Japanese greens and ball rolled oolongs.

Dimensions: 8cm x 3cm


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