Tea Bowl (Jade)


A handmade stoneware chawan (tea bowl) made to whisk matcha in. This bowl was made by Noritada Kimura, a great potter from one of Kyoto’s best known ceramic families.

This is a version of celadon which Noritada calls Hisui (meaning ‘Jade’) after its emerald colour. The bowl is immediately striking: first due to its shape, which is asymmetric and pinched in on three areas around the rim, and secondly because of the glaze which possesses a luminosity around the base which we very rarely encounter . The glaze is applied evenly and is smooth to the touch, with a lovely brown crazing effect around the outside and inside of the bowl and subtle ice-like layering.

This bowl also comes with a handmade wooden box made for the bowl with the potter’s name and style written on it in Kanji.

Approximate dimensions: 6cm height x 15cm diameter.



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