Tea Bowl (Flower Mishima)


A handmade stoneware chawan (tea bowl) made to whisk matcha in. This bowl was made by Noritada Kimura, a great potter from one of Kyoto’s best known ceramic families.

Made in the Mishima style, the inside of this beautiful summer bowl is made by inlaying a slip glaze, with the glaze scraped away with a tool to create a decorative grey and white floral pattern with a chrysanthemum flower at its centre. The outside of the bowl makes a lovely contrast with its less pronounced, more abstract glazing, with little circular bumps that make it a pleasure to hold. There are black iron spots scattered throughout, as well as three rough patches on the inside and the base of the bowl from where it has stood in the kiln.

This bowl also comes with a handmade wooden box made for the bowl with the potter’s name and style written on it in Kanji.

Approximate dimensions: 4.7cm height x 15cm diameter.



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