Fairness Jug (Plain White)


Rong Yao Fang

The imperial kiln from Qianlong period, Qing Dynasty. Their products were often stamped with the emperor’s seal of “Le Shan Tang”, Qianlong’s library. The Family Peng is the family who has been taking care of the kiln for 8th generations. The traditional Jingdezhen hand thrown, hand turned and hand painted ceramics’ technique are well kept there.

Fairness jugs, also known as ‘gong dao bei’ in Mandarin, are a Taiwanese addition to Chinese gong fu culture which are named because they allow all participants to drink exactly the same tea. Usually tea is poured from a gaiwan or pot into the fairness jug and from there into smaller tasting cups. For us, the Peng family’s porcelain ware stood out straight away for their pleasing shape and excellent porcelain quality, which avoid the plastic-ness that many low quality Jingdezhen porcelain have. The walls of the jug are thin, but not eggshell thin, while the colour is off-white with a slight celadon tinge.

All fairness jugs are stamped on the bottom with our own seal in Chinese characters.

Cup size:

Width: 8.3 cm

Height: 9.8 cm

Capacity: 180ml

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