Teapot (Kokuyou Tenmoku)


A handmade, glazed porcelain teapot handmade by Noritada Kimura, a great Kyoto potter. 

This is one of Noritada's unique versions of tenmoku he called Kokuyou (dark sunlight) and is distinguished by a brilliant interplay between indigo, light blue and white colouring.

The pot is glazed on the inside and finished – unusually for Noritada – with a ceramic handle rather than a wisteria handle, and a multi-hole filter in the spout that ensures a slow, smooth pour and no dripping. As functional as they are beautiful, these are some of the best teapots we have come across in 25 years of working in Japan.

Dimensions of pot: 10cm height x 15.5cm diameter. Volume: ~340mls


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