Teapot and Yunomi Set (Grey Hakeme 1)


A handmade, glazed pottery teapot and yunomi set handmade by Noritada Kimura, a great Kyoto potter.  The set is comprised of two yunomi and one teapot.

As a Kyoto potter Noritada has a freedom to make ceramics in many different styles, and this is his take on the Korean style Hakeme glaze, sometimes called ‘brushstroke’ after the method of applying the glaze. The primary glaze is blueish-grey with a creamy white slip glaze applied in thick swirls on the inside and outside of the pots and cups. Throughout there are dark oil-spots and pockmarks of unglazed clay that gives the pot and cups an interesting textural contrast. Like all of Noritada’s teapots, it is finished with a handmade wisteria wood handle.

As functional as they are beautiful, these are some of the best teapots we have come across in 25 years of working in Japan.

Dimensions of pot: 15cm height x 9cm diameter (not inc. handle or spout). Volume: ~430mls
Dimensions of yunomi: 9.5cm height x 8cm diameter. Volume: ~260mls


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