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Roasted Yimu Oolong – 50g Postcard


A rolled, roasted oolong from Ming Jian, a well known tea town in Nantou County. It comes from Mr. Hsieh’s tiny one acre tea farm, giving the tea its name (Yi Mu roughly means ‘one acre’ in Mandarin).

This tea is processed in a similar way to our regular Yimu Oolong, but has been given more charcoal roasting bringing out a more robust, caramelised taste. We especially love this tea for its complex aroma, with notes of candied nuts and stewed fruit, as well as its sweet, toasty flavour. Great as an evening drink and with or after food.

Brew with boiled water that has been allowed to cool for several minutes and a teaspoon per cup. It can be brewed for several infusions.

ORIGIN: Hsieh Family Tea Farm (1 acre), Ming Jian, Nantou, Taiwan
PLANTS AND PROCESSING: Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Si Ji Chun cultivar. Light/medium charcoal roasting. Harvested Spring 2019.
BREWING: 95°C, 5-6g per cup. Wash briefly, 5-6 infusions.

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