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New Assam


A new kind of Assam: this is the first Assam tea available in Europe to be grown by small farmers who also process their own leaves rather than selling them on to larger plantations. Pranabjyoti and Pallabjyoti Nath have made this special tea possible not only by their own pioneering farming and producing, but also by joining forces with other small tea farmers. We are delighted to help their efforts and wish to thank them for their support and belief in us.

A blend of second flush Assam teas from one farmer, Pallabjyoti Nath who farms 7 acres of land in total using no artificial fertilisers or pesticides, producing only a few hundred kilos of tea each per year. The tea has a sweet, fruity flavour, reminiscent of cherry drops, with a light body that makes it ideal taken  without milk.

New Assam Batch Pallab Nath, Sonitpur, Assam, India

3 acres (average)

Blend of Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Harvested Summer 2018.

95°C, 3-4g per 150mls, with or without milk. 2 infusions.

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