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Master Xu’s Rou Gui (Jiu Long Ke) 肉桂 2017


A roasted yancha (rock tea) oolong from the inner Zhengyan area of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian made by Master Xu, the maker and one of the guardians of the Da Hong Pao mother trees. This tea is processed from trees of the Rou Gui (Cassia) cultivar grown on Jiu Long Ke (Nine Dragon Nest) one of the most well-known cliffs in Wuyi which also houses the original Da Hong Pao mother trees. Master Xu processes the leaves entirely by hand – from the picking and sorting, through to the kill-green stage and rolling. The roasting is done carefully at a low temperature (around 75 degrees Celsius) over hours, and often re-roasted over the course of many months until he is satisfied.

This Rou Gui is very true to the aromatic, fruity character of the cultivar and the roasting has settled very quickly for a 2017 tea. Compared to the Rou Gui teas from Ma Tou Yan and Dao Shui Keng this tea is more subtle and not as rich, but with more of a pronounced floral fragrance and a fruit juice sweetness that combines well with the caramelised flavour from the roast. For those who prefer their yancha on the lighter, aromatic side then this would be the tea we recommend.

Master Xu, Jiu Long Ke, Wuyishan, China

2 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Rou Gui cultivar. Medium charcoal roasting. Harvested early Summer 2017.

90-95°C, 6g per 150ml. 5+ infusions.

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