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Master Luo’s West Lake Long Jing – Old Tree Pre-Guyu 2019


A Long Jing (Dragonwell) green tea grown, hand-picked and handmade in Meijiawu, one of the famous areas within the tiny 1km by 5km Xi Hu (West Lake) area famous for Long Jing production. This tea has been grown and hand-fired by Master Luo, three time winner of the Long Jing Firing King title.

This tea has been made with the traditional Jiu Keng Group cultivars that have been in decline since the emergence of the earlier-budding No.43 cultivar. Although generally less aromatic and sweet than teas made with No. 43, the slower growth and longer roots of the traditional cultivar allow a deeper taste and thicker texture that both we and Master Luo prefer.

Unlike last year when unusual weather led to some of the 2018 tea feeling a little thinner in texture than normal, this year we have no reservations. However increasing wholesale prices for Xihu Old Tree Long Jing in China (£1000 per jin – 500g – for early old tree teas) has meant that we have had to increase our prices for the 2019 crop.

This tea was fired between Qingming (April 5th) and the start of Guyu (April 20th), and picked from 150-200 year old tea trees. This is a clean and well-balanced Long Jing, still relatively light but with a fuller body compared to the earlier teas. Although slightly more fired, giving it nutty and cereal notes, the roasted taste is not overly prominent and it still retains a sweet, vegetal flavour that can be tasted long after it has been drunk. An excellent example of China’s greatest green tea by one of the country’s most famous tea makers.

Master Luo Meijiawu Village, Hangzhou, China

5 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Da Zhong Pin (Jiu Keng Group) cultivar, 150-200 year old trees. Pan-fired. Harvested and fired April 2019

90°C, 3-4g per 150ml. 4 infusions.

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