Master Lin’s Song Zhong Zhi Lan Xiang 宋种芝兰香 (Song Variety Orchid Fragrance) 2015


An aged Phoenix oolong handmade by Master Lin from a tree of the Zhi Lan Xiang (Orchid Fragrance) cultivar grown on Mount Wu Dong – the Phoenix Mountains’ most celebrated peak. The cultivar is often simply known as Song Zhong, or Song Zhong Zhi Lan, due to its mother tree being identified during the Song Dynasty. It was harvested in 2015 and has been aged in situ by Master Lin for the last four years.

Phoenix oolongs are often called dancong 单丛  and are famous for their outstanding fragrances that mimic aromas often found in nature. Due to the small amounts of tea one tree can produce, most dancong are produced in large quantities by using many trees of the same cultivar. However all our teas made by Master Lin are made solely using the harvests of single, old trees resulting in teas which are completely unique in flavour and aroma.

This is a mid-oxidised and mid-roast dancong, and the four years since harvest are only just starting to push the tea into an aged direction, though it still has the vibrancy expected of a young tea. The tea is intensely floral and sharp, with a stem ginger spiciness and a orchid perfume that blooms in the mouth and throat. The persistency of the aftertaste in the throat is almost like that of a alcoholic spirit.

We have limited quantities of this tea.

Master Lin Wudong Mountain (1150m altitude), Guangdong province, China


Single tree. Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Zhi Lan Xiang cultivar. Medium charcoal roast. Harvested April 2015.

95°C, 6g per 150mls. Wash briefly, 10+ infusions.

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