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Master Lin’s Ba Xian 八仙 (Eight Immortals) 2019


A Feng Huang (Phoenix) oolong made from the cultivar Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) and handmade by Master Lin from a 400 year old tree on Mount Wu Dong. Phoenix oolongs are often called dancong 单丛  and are famous for their outstanding fragrances that mimic aromas often found in nature. Due to the small amounts of tea one tree can produce, most dancong are produced in large quantities by using many trees of the same cultivar. However all our teas made by Master Lin are made solely using the harvests of single, old trees resulting in teas which are completely unique in flavour and aroma. The total quantity of tea produced from this tree in April 2019 was less than 5kg.

Initially the tea is striking for its intoxicating white flower fragrance with the complexity of a well-constructed perfume, but its main strength is an outstanding balance. The floral aroma is reflected in the taste but is offset with notes of figs, peach stone, citrus and the roast of the tea, which dominates on the later infusions. The feeling of this tea is exceptional, particularly in the throat where it is soothing and has a persistent sweetness even well after the tea has been drunk. Quite simply, one of the best oolongs we have had this year.

This tea can withstand many infusions and we strongly recommend using a high leaf to water ratio with short brewing times to bring out the full spectrum of flavours.

Master Lin, Wudong Mountain (1300m altitude), Guangdong, China


Single 400 year old tree – Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Ba Xian cultivar. Light-medium charcoal roast. Harvested Spring 2019.

90-95°C, 6g per 150ml. Wash briefly, 10-15 infusions.

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