Jin Damo Raw Puerh 2020


An exceptional sheng (raw) puerh tea hand made under the Jin Yu Xuan label by the Liu Family primarily from ancient tea trees between 500-800 years old, that grow on their farm on Mt Mengsong. Master Liu uses traditional production methods like hand firing, hand rolling, sun drying, and stone pressing of the cakes or bings while his wife Master Dong Bi Lian is responsible for blending the maocha. The pinnacle of their yearly production is their Jin Damo cake made solely from gushu (old tree) material and named after the monk Bodhidarma who was responsible for bringing what would become known as Zen Buddhism to China.

The 2020 tea has had a few months storage in Kunming and is tasting fresh and vibrant, with a buzziness in the mouth and throat. There are notes of artichoke, toasted grains, and a juiciness that reminds us of apricot and citrus fruits. The aftertaste is long, with bitterness quickly dissipating into sweetness. While relatively soft for a completely new tea, there is still a bit of bite and pleasant astringency that will dissipate as it slowly ages.

Break off a small amount of tea and use off-boiling water to make many infusions of this tea.

Liu Family/Jin Yu Xuan (Mt Mengsong, Yunnan Province, China)

500-800 year old trees, Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Harvested and pressed Spring 2020.

95°C, 6g per cup, 10 + infusions

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Master Liu and his family who are custodians of part of a hillside of ancient tea trees take their responsibility very seriously. Making pu-erh from old trees that grow naturally, they carefully blend their maocha and stone press the pu-erh onsite in a tiny tea pavilion. Later they move the tea to the drier climate north of Xishuangbanna to slowly and gently age it. The older teas are already showing signs that they may one day be great aged examples of this fascinating tea.

Master Liu and his wife Master Dong Bi Lian come from families with long tea traditions in Yunnan. Together Master Liu’s skill in hand processing tea and Master Dong Bi Lian’s experience in blending and tasting tea have combined to make wonderful Pu-Erh teas at their tiny tea estate among the ancient tea trees of Mount Mengsong. We are honoured and delighted that their daughter, the tea scholar Didi Liu, opened our exhibition with a special tea ceremony.

The oldest tree picked to produce his Jin Damo is the tree pictured below on Mt Mengsong. This mountain has a large area of ancient trees growing sustainable amongst other trees used by the Hani people who have lived there for centuries









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