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Master Akiyama’s Fuji Sencha


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A lightly-steamed sencha  made from tea trees on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Shizuoka by Master Akiyama. Akiyama-san’s teas have won many prizes, including the top gold prize at The World Green Tea Contest, and he is recognised as one of Japan’s leading tea pioneers for his experimental work on different Japanese tea cultivars.

This year’s tea is fresh and aromatic with a dry leaf aroma of tropical fruit. The taste is rich and vegetal with a thick, almost oily mouthfeel and lots of umami for a non-shaded tea. This is our best selling green tea and an outstanding example of a classic asamushi sencha.

It can be brewed normally at 70-75°C for a strong, grassy flavour, or with more leaf and lower temperature to accentuate the texture and umami.

Master Akiyama’s Farm, Fuji City, Mt Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan

10 acres

Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Yabukita cultivar. Light steaming (~30 sec). Ichibancha, harvested Spring 2019.

70°C, 3-4g per cup or 60°C and 5-6g per cup. 3 infusions.

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