Best Teas of 2020 Set


A question we’re often asked at the shop is “what’s your favourite tea?” – an impossible question to which we usually reply “whatever is new in and exciting”. With just a few Autumn teas left to arrive, we’ve now almost come to the end of tea season and we’re well placed to choose and reveal our favourite teas that have excited us in 2020.

2020 has been a strange year in the tea world, as it has been for everyone. Usually we would have made a few sourcing trips during tea season, but restrictions on travel has meant a state of abeyance and a lack of new teas. As it is, the teas we have chosen this year include three old favourites we feel are tasting particularly excellent, one new puerh from the Liu family, plus a very special black tea from Shiga we would have tried to buy more of had we had the chance to visit the farmer this year. They are from a variety of terroirs with different oxidisation levels and processing. Together we think they give a good account of the quality and care taken by the farmers we worth with.

The teas we have chosen are:

Long Jing (Pre-Guyu) (10g)
Jin Damo 2020 (20g)
Spring High Mountain Oolong (50g)
Keemun Needles (20g)
Shiga Black (20g)

The Shiga Black has been made by Takeda-san who farms ecologically in Asamiya, one of the top areas for tea in Shiga. It is made with the hybrid cultivar Benifuuki, but unlike many teas made with this cultivar it is not overly sweet. It has a sparkling grape taste on the palate, and a strong floral bouquet that can be felt in the throat. One of the most exceptional Japanese blacks we have come across.

Each tea comes with tasting notes, information and brewing instructions. We will be selling these teas at over a 25% discount compared to their usual price for a limited period.


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