Best Teas of 2019 Set


A question we’re often asked at the shop is “what’s your favourite tea?”, an impossible question to which we usually reply “whatever is new in and exciting”. We’ve now come to the end of year so we’re well placed to choose and reveal our favourite teas that have excited us in 2019.

The teas we’ve chosen for this set are a mixture of ones which are completely new to our selection, unique small batches or simply teas we think are tasting particularly excellent this year, even compared to their usual quality. They are from a variety of terroirs – one Chinese, two Taiwanese, one Japanese and one Indian – as well as different oxidisation levels and processing, that together give a good account of the quality and care taken by the farmers we worth with.

The teas we have chosen are:

Long Jing (Pre-Guyu)
Shizuoka Secret
Spring High Mountain Oolong
Spring Darjeeling
Yimu Red
Each tea comes as 20g, with the exception of the Shizuoka Secret and Spring High Mountain which are 50g, along with tasting notes, information and brewing instructions. We will be selling these teas at over a 25% discount compared to their usual price for a limited period.

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