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1660 LONDON began as a dialogue between Tim d’Offay, a tea smith, and Peter Ting, a ceramics designer, in which the idea of how the shape of a tea cup actually affected the flavour of the tea being drunk was raised. Fascinated by this idea, the two men, each experts in their own field, set about exploring the concept.

The result is an elegant and innovative range of porcelain tea tasting cups, designed to enhance the experience of drinking teas by bringing out their bouquet, appearance and flavour.

These special shapes are already in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and was awarded the Best New Product 2012 by the World Tea Expo, USA.

‘To the office . . . where Sir R. Ford talked like a man of great reason and experience. And afterwards I did send for a cup of tee  (a China drink) of which I never had drank before, and went away.’

Samuel Pepys, London, Tuesday 25 September, 1660

‘Just as the design of a glass can enhance the taste and aroma of wine, so the different forms of 1660 London’s fine tea cups allow us to enjoy different teas at their very best.’

Jane Pettigrew, tea specialist and tea historian