Keiko Hasegawa (Pottery Cups and Teapots)

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Keiko Hasegawa was born in Yamagata City, Japan in 1941. She studied at The Women’s Art University in Tokyo and, as she came from a family that has been casting in iron and bronze for 14 generations, she also studied cast iron design at the Industrial Experimental Station. Her first experience of ceramics came in 1972 in Mashiko, the Japanese pottery town made famous by Shoji Hamada. In 1977 Keiko came to the UK to work with the potter Michael Leach, Bernard Leach’s second son.
In 1980 she started producing raku ware in Norway before returning to the UK where she set up Drayford Mill Ceramics in Devon. Keiko exhibited at many major museums and galleries during the 1980s and 1990s, but today she returns to the original use of ceramics – making ceramics for daily use.

Gallery EDO (Oslo)1981, Galerie 39 (London) 1985/1986, Barbican Centre (London), The British Museum (London) 1986, Galerie-La Sorbier (Paris), Scandinavia Architecture Institute (Copenhagen), Villeroy & Boch Keramik Museum (Mettlach-Germany), Rijksmuseum Voor Volkenkunde (Lieden-Netherland), Museum of Asian Art (Durham University, UK), Oxford Gallery 1989 (Oxford, UK), Seibu Dept. (Shibuya, Tokyo), Graham Gallery (New York), Galerie Interferenzen Pilscheur 1988/89/90/92/93/94 (Luxembourg, Hong Kong, London), Queensbury Hunt 1988/89/90 (London), Silverbergs 1989/90 (Malmö, Sweden), Ashgata Gallery (UK), Craft Potters Association (London), Stachtsparkarre (Dusseldorf, Germany), Gallery Spitalspeicher (Offenburg, Germany), Jujiya Department Store Gallery1984/86/88 (Yamagata, Japan), Anshindo Gallery 1988/90/92/94/96/98/2000 (Shizuoka, Japan), Liberty (London), Yoshino Gallery 1995/97 (Yamagata, Japan), Egg 1996/97/98/99 (London), Mitsukoshi Department Store Gallery 1997/98/99 (Nigata, Japan), Fujisaki Department Store Gallery 1997 (Sendai, Japan), Yamase Museum 1997/98/99/2000 (Yamagata, Japan), Onuma Department Store Gallery 2001/03 (Yamagata, Japan), Relief work for 100 years anniversary of Yamagata State Nishi High School, 1997, Mitsukoshi Department Store Gallery 2000 (Nihonbashi, Tokyo), Sunayama Gallery 2001/03/05 (Nihonbashi, Tokyo), Galerie Fletcher 2005/06 (Geneva, Switzerland), Harlequin Gallery 2006 (London), Postcard Teas, 2009 (London)

The Fletcher Brown Built Pottery Award 1986 (New Zealand) Biennale International de Ceramiqe D’ Art de Vallauris 1986 (France)

The British Museum (London), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Kunstindostrimuseum (Trondheim Norway), Kunstindostrimuseum (Oslo, Norway), Rijksmuseum Voor Volkenkunde (Leiden, the Netherlands), Ashmoleum Museum (Oxford, UK), Luxembourg Royal Art Collection (Luxembourg), Villeroy & Boch Keramik Museum (Mettlach, Germany), St. Louis Museum (USA).